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ARTIST – Se Fire
TITLE – Match In The Ocean
FORMAT – Digital album
RELEASE DATE – 13/08/2012

01) Poison
02) Peace
03) Red Lights
04) Tell No Lies
05) Speed of Time
06) Dawn
07) In Every
08) The Great Escapists featuring SirPlus
09) Match In The Ocean
10) Steppa


While Bristol has long been celebrated for its rich heritage of underground music, from Massive Attack, Portishead and Tricky, to the city’s current position at the vanguard of the dubstep scene, for too long Bristol’s immense wealth of MC talent has remained largely ignored.

Durkle Disco is here to put that right. Following Central Spillz’s well-received ‘Space Travel’ LP, the label has dug deep into the Bristol rap vaults to introduce the world to the talents of Sé Fire and their album ‘Match In The Ocean’. While some labelled the last Durkle Disco release as ‘hip-hop for ravers’, this is more like hip-hop for the morning after the night before…

‘Match In The Ocean’ was put together between 2001 & 2009. During this period, the group, consisting of producer/rapper Sosé, rapper Mistafire, vocalist Jamileh Lee, engineer Ollie Weeks and the turntable wizadry of DJ Snafu, supported hip-hop luminaries like The Roots and De La Soul and caused carnage at festivals up and down the UK.

With moody, atmospheric beats produced by Sosé providing the backdrop for his and Mistafire’s bars to trade punches, this is an introspective, haunting collection of work that manages to avoid being self-indulgent or apologetic.

‘Match In The Ocean’ is an accomplished debut album, blessed with a strong non-conformist streak, both musically and in terms of content. If you like forward thinking hip-hop that never compromises its beliefs, then this is the album for you. Backed with a strong remix package featuring the talents of Kahn, Superisk, and Fused Forces, ‘Match In The Ocean’ is another essential purchase from the Durkle Disco stable.

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