Se Fire

Se Fire portrait by Chris Lucas

Se Fire: 2001 – 2012

Se Fire started with a meeting of 2 MC’s – Sose & Mistafire – in a Bristol college back in 2001. With a shared love of UK hip hop they began rapping over beats produced by Sose on a rickety old PC. It was a modest beginning; a studio set-up comprised of an upturned sofa come vocal booth and a donated microphone. This was the first in the long line of a guerilla style set ups they created.

Predominantly a live act in the process of carving out their own unique sound, they began looking to expand the show with amazing results. DJ Snafu was just 16 years old when he first started scratching for Se Fire, bringing a new dimension to the live show with his electric cutting and general craziness on stage. Jamileh Lee was a light in this otherwise darkened world, with a unique vocal style she could add anything from haunting accapellas to straight up energising solos. Added to this were the drumming and percussive expertise of Enzo and Grim, and a gnarly sound engineer/FX wizard, Ollie Weeks from Chemical Dub Theory, who gave Se Fire their trademark dubbed out sound. Se Fire began smashing it the length and breadth of the UK.

The band carved out a name for themselves as writers and performers of thought provoking, forward thinking and sometimes melancholic hip hop, and with a strong reputation for their live act Se Fire went from strength to strength – with main stage festival slots and supporting the likes De La Soul and The Roots. With this in mind, there was always a high standard of work that went into the Se Fire sound, with an ethic of bringing the ‘studio sound to the live stage,’ and as time went on both Sose and Chemical Ollie exelled within the studio enviroment. Over time they built a varied catalogue of music. However, with the strains of normal life, travel time and family commitments, the group began to find new paths and outlets. In 2009 they did their final live show; as “The Roots’ once put it – “things fall apart”.

The songs they recorded in that eight year period never saw an official release, and it seemed destined that Se Fire’s music would become Bristol folklore, gathering dust on various well-worn hard drives. Until in 2011 they were approached by Durkle Disco. With a view to releasing the catalogue of nearly 10 years of music, it seemed as if a release might finally be on the cards for Se Fire. The band set about compiling a selection of their work from old and new recordings, and 9 months later presented the label with ‘Match in the Ocean’: Se Fire’s solitary album release. The music chosen for ‘Match in the Ocean’ is a collection of tracks that both Se Fire and Durkle Disco felt were still relevant in today’s ever changing musical climate, having retained a timeless quality that deserved to be heard.

‘Match in the Ocean’ represents a full stop after almost a decade of work from a few dedicated MC’s, singers, producers, DJ’s, engineers and musicians.

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